Monday, October 29, 2007

Running behind

We are now on the Gold Coast and I am way behind on these updates, for which I apologise. I was meant to get back on track during the week we stayed in Sydney (last week) where we had 2 days off. I ended up being rotated out of a show so I had 3 days. Complete luxury! But instead of sitting in my room writing, I ran around Sydney, meeting with friends of friends.
Of course more detailed notes will follow, but I do wish to keep the chronological order intact, hence this interlude.
I have been close to calling it off as we have had so many mishaps and poor organisation, making an already hard tour getting close to becoming unacceptably hard. The days off did help of course, but one does really need rest and food to do 104 shows with the travel involved. But I am still here and still finding lots to enjoy, as you will see as soon as I post from where I left off. Here's what you have in store: a basketfull of small towns, Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney and more small towns. Sound familiar?

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